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Adult product Guide

You can sell adult products to all artists who have completed their identification
Here are some things to keep in mind when registering adult products.

Adult Certification

Please complete your identification for adult product registration!
You can check whether the information has been approved or not in the Partner Hub [My Page] > [Payment Information].
If you've received a payment from ACON3D before, you've already verified your identity.

Check for Adult Content

Check [For Adult] to the right of the title section!
Uploading products with adult product guidelines that appear when you activate [For Adult].
TIP ! If you don't register your product as an adult product and it's deemed to be pornographic outside of South Korea's moderation rules, it may be rejected.

Blurring Images

Nude genitalia may be rejected, so please follow the blurring guide!
TIP ! We recommend blurring because mosaics make product images harder to read.

How to Setting up Adult Package Products

You can set up a set if both the set and the single item are all adult products.
It's hard to open as a set product if some of your single items are not adult products

Adult Product Rejection Policy

1. Adult products checked off
If it is determined to be an adult product, but not checked for the adult product.
Adjust and sell it as a regular product or check [For Adult].
2. Unverified partner creator information
If an adult product is registered without submitting information
3. Child abuse and sexual exploitation
If there are images, videos, etc. in which children and adolescents are represented as sexual objects
4. Obscene material
If there is a possibility that the product may be determined to be obscene based on the deliberation regulations on information and communication. Ex. Images and videos depicting naked genitals without any blurring. Sexual violence crimes (bestiality, rape, rape, etc.) or incest, sadistic/pedophilia, voyeurism, etc. Images, videos, and content that are unacceptable in terms of depiction and social norms.
5. Graphic depictions of violence and crime
Specific depictions of self-harm, suicide, or behavior that could lead to death.
Glorifies crime, including the use of drugs and weapons, depicts criminal methods in a graphic manner, or encourages crime.
Depicts graphic scenes of cruelty and violence or promotes crimes such as kidnapping, human trafficking, murder, maiming, torture, disfigurement, or organ trafficking.
Specifically depicts or glorifies the intimidation, injury, assault, or murder of the elderly, pregnant women, people with disabilities, children, or vulnerable people.
Promotes victim-blaming and hatred of actual crimes or events.
Specifically depicting the killing, abuse, or corpses of animals, etc. to create a sense of cruelty or disgust.
6. Other violations of current laws and internal policies.
If the person in charge determines that it is likely to violate current laws related to youth unsuitable content or the ACON3D Partnership Entry Agreement, Terms of Use, or internal policies.