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Did you receive an email informing you that the product is not exposed? Please refer to the following collection of features of products that are frequently unexposed

Products with Copyright Issues

Copyright violations about products on sale are often reported to us. After checking the product that was reported, the product will be not exposed. Then we are sending additional e-mails to creators requesting product modification and clarification!

Products that made by AI

ACON prohibits the sale of products involving AI in production. Therefore, at the same time as the non-exposure processing of products deemed to have contributed to the production of products by AI. And we are sending an additional correction request email to the writer.

Products that have file problem

When the buyers report that there is a problem with the file while using the product, the product has not been exposed and we are sending you an additional correction request email.

Creator’s Request

If you directly requests the suspension of sales, an e-mail will be sent to you and the product will be immediately unexposed.