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ACON Safe Transactions Center

ACON works to minimize the damages that our partners suffer from intellectual property infringement, and protect their rights.
If one of your products have been subject to intellectual property infringement, you can make a report through the Infringement Reporting Center. Once ACON confirms that there was a violation, we, as an intermediary platform, will offer mediation services as well as other types of assistance.
※ ACON will actively support the resolution of the rights infringement, but we cannot directly protect your copyrights as we are an intermediary platform.

Protecting my Intellectual Property (Creative Work)

You have intellectual property rights over any product that you created yourself, and you have the right to receive just compensation for your creative work.
It is crucial for the creator themselves to make an effort in order to protect their rights, respond to infringements, and protect their own copyrights.
Please refer to the website below in order to protect your precious intellectual property rights.(Ko)

Reporting an Infringement

Have you experienced an intellectual property infringement? If you discover an incidence of an infringement, you can make a report.

1) When to make a report

If you suspect someone has illegally used your license.
If you suspect that a company has purchased an individual/shared license, based on the buyer's username.
If you suspect that somebody has copied your product.
If you suspect that a commercial product is the result of illegally copying or processing your own product.
If you suspect that your product is being sold without your permission.
If your product is being sold without permission on another platform.

2) The procedure of making a report

Template for Statement of Clarification Regarding Intellectual Property Infringement
Statement of Clarification Regarding Intellectual Property Infringement.docx
We recommend that you complete your copyright registration then attach the certificate, since we are able to undergo an internal review and suspend the product sales immediately if you attach your copyright registration certificate with your report.
If the product belongs to an external mall, we recommend that you submit your copyright registration certificate. This will allow us to take a more proactive response.
Once the rights infringement report has been received, ACON will conduct an internal review of the requirements and request a document of clarification from the reported party (buyer/seller) within three business days.
If we determine that the reported party's document of clarification is valid, we will forward the document of clarification to the reporter (the partner) and close the case.

3) How to make a report

Please submit a right infringement report! The report will processed within seven business days.


ACON is an intermediary platform for sales, and cannot offer complete protection for intellectual property rights. We can only offer support for the resolution of infringements and mediate disputes.
If you are reporting a product or buyer from an external mall, it may take some time for a sales suspension request and clarifications to be processed.
We recommend jointly filing reports with ACON to external malls to expedite the reporting process.
Processing the report may take some time in the case of overseas rights infringement cases.